• WAVO and IVSC join forces to promote International Valuation Standards

WAVO is pleased to launch for the first time – WAVO Online Courses for Training and Education to uphold the Standards of International Valuations.

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In addition to our On-Line Courses, WAVO will also be planning workshop and seminars on-site. Details on these courses on-site will be announced at a later date.

Video Courses/Webinars

WAVO is also in the planning to host video courses or webinars. Do keep a look out for this page for further information.



WAVO will be building up a storage of valuation papers and articles submitted by members. Articles and papers submitted by WAVO members will be uploaded in this section.

Other Courses

In addition to the training of the IVS 2017, WAVO is pleased to extend the link of education and training courses of its fellow WAVO members. Please click on the respective links below which will bring you direct to their website.